About Us

About Us

Amazing Raider Families,

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ~Thomas Edison~

We are 11 school days aways from the end of the school year!

As we close this school year, I want to encourage you to continue to be strong and not give up. In 2008, a track and field runner from the University of Minnesota, Heather Dorniden, was running in a heat to move to the next round when in the middle of the race, she tripped and fell. She immediately got up and ran her heart out and won that heat. It is considered one of the most memorable comeback in the history of sports. She did not give up. She is not remembered for winning that heat; she is remembered for falling down, getting up and finished the race. Winning it was icing on the cake. Students, some of you may be in the situation where you want to give up. I encourage you to continue and finish strong so that you do not have regrets.

We Are Southwest High

Student/Parent Handbook

Living The Raider Way


Southwest High School is a community of learners that build relationships in order to educate and empower students to become  productive members of society by living The RAIDER WAY.


The RAIDER WAY contributes to an equitable environment that provides a rigorous, relevant, and restorative campus where all the Southwest High School stakeholders: students, staff, and parents share the collective responsibility for ensuring that each student         is equipped with 21st Century skills in order to achieve college and career readiness at grade level literacy.

The Raider Way for Students

  • Embrace a college-career going culture
    • Take advantage of rigorous classes
    • Participate in college and job fairs
  • Strive to succeed at the highest level in order to be at grade level or above in literacy and numeracy.
    • Bring materials to school everyday
    • Be prepared for rigorous daily learning and study
  • Seek academic assistance and emotional support when needed
  • Focus on learning and apply it to your life
    • Arrive on time and ready to learn
    • Complete meaningful community service
  • Contribute to a safe, restorative, and welcoming school environment
    • Be an active member in a restorative school where all are valued
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities
  • Celebrate success

The Raider Way For Staff

The staff strives to build relationships in order to…

  • Embrace a college-career going culture for each student
  • Commit to the work of the Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)with a growth-mindset approach to learning
  • Become facilitators in the teaching and the learning for each student to be at grade-level or above in literacy and numeracy
  • Focus on teaching, learning, assessing, and providing feedback
  • Provide a safe, restorative, and trauma-informed classroom environment
  • Foster high expectations our students, our colleagues, and ourselves
  • Celebrate success

The Raider Way for Parents

  • Embrace a college-career going culture
  • Support your student academically and emotionally to be literate at grade level or above
  • Seek academic assistance and emotional support for your student when needed
  • Attend school events
  • Contribute to a safe, restorative, and welcoming school environment
  • Monitor grades, communicate with teachers and support staff
  • Celebrate success

Alma Mater

O’er the horizon of victory

Our Southwest sun,

Shines through with spirit free.

The Red the Gold we will truly see,

Beyond the Raider dawn

We hail the Red, the Gold, the White

In our faithful song

With loyal courage we raise our hands,

Eternal glory we command,

Southwest High forever, ever stand.