Associated Student Body

Assistant Principal: Patricia Perez

ASB Financial Tech: Julia Rios

2019-2020 ASB Officers

ASB President: Jacob Ayala

ASB VP: Ninette Navarrete

ASB secretary: Mariana Ramirez 

ASB Treasurer: Paloma Martinez 

ASB Attorney General:  Melissa Ramirez

Assistant to the Dean: Ayleen Gonzalez

Your student’s high school years should be among their most memorable times.  At Southwest High School we work hard to create “magical moments” that will give your students the opportunity to smile, laugh and recall with great affection in the future when they are at home or in the workplace re- telling the stories of Southwest High. Help your students build those memories by encouraging them to become involved in school activities. Impress on your students that they are “part of the whole”, and that an important life skill is learning to be selfless, contributing to make the group better, not just the individual.  We have several interest clubs, sports and academic clubs on campus for your student to take part in throughout the year.

High school is more than just taking classes and getting ready for college. Most major college and university admission requirements include active school participation and service over an extended period of time as important selection criteria. It is not necessary for your student to be in every club and organization, but it is important that he or she is actively involved for four years in school life.

As parents, you are encouraged to visit school; attend our games, and musical performances, participate in parent meetings and volunteer for activities often.


At orientation, ASB Cards will be sold for only $20.00. The ASB card will get you into all non-playoff home games (excluding Homecoming) *Save $6 per home Football game and $5 per home Basketball game with an ASB card. Other items will also be sold at discounted prices only on Raider Gear Day. A price list is included below for your convenience.


Your student will take their school picture on July 31-August 2 depending on their English class. At that time they will be issued a school ID. All students must carry their school ID at all times on campus and to off campus functions. Replacement IDs can be purchased in the ASB for $10.

SOH Clubs on Campus

Below are the current list of clubs on campus. If your are interested in joining any of the clubs below or would like further information please come by the ASB.

AP U.S. History⧫ ASB ⧫ ASU ⧫AVID ⧫Band ⧫Biology⧫Campus Clean-Up ⧫ Campus Connect⧫ Cheerleader Club⧫ Chemistry Club ⧫ Class of 2018 ⧫ Class of 2019 ⧫College and Career Readiness ⧫Competitive Video Game ⧫CSF ⧫ Culinary Arts⧫ EcoEngineering ⧫Ecology Club⧫ Gay/Straight Alliance Club ⧫Health Career Academy Club⧫ Japanese Club⧫ Lion’s Club Scholarship⧫ Literature Club⧫ Mariachi⧫ MEChA⧫ Pan Asian ⧫Pep Club⧫ Robotics ⧫Royal T’s ⧫Safe School Ambassadors ⧫SOH Wave Catchers ⧫SOHIKERS⧫ Speech and Debate⧫ SWest Coed ⧫ Theatre/Drama Club ⧫WHAMM Club⧫ Yearbook Club⧫

Forms and Club Information