School Registration for 2020-2021

School Registration for 2020-2021

Registrations for 2020-2021/Inscripciones para el 2020-2021

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Infinite Campus Parent Portal (website)

You will need the form that was delivered to your address by mail that provides you with an ACTIVATION KEY/GUID/PARENT USERNAME to enter the program INFINITE CAMPUS Portal.

Va a necesitar la hoja que se le mandó por correo a su domicilio que tiene su NUMERO de ACTIVACION /GUID/ NOMBRE DE USUARIO para entrar al Portal de INFINITE CAMPUS.

** RETURNING students to SOH/Alumnos que REGRESAN a SOH.

**NEW Registrations /New students to SOH / Nuevas Inscripciones /Nuevos alumnos a SOH

Want to attend SOH and need a transfer?

Need your Activation Key / GUID/ Parent Username? Necesita su Numero de Activacion / GUID/ Nombre de Usuario? Fill out /Complete:

 SOH Assistance Form / Solicitud de Asistencia  

or email



Welcome to the Raider Parent Center

SOH Parent Center is a firsthand resource for parents, a place where parents come together to find new ways and means to support their youth in their educational goals within a healthy and positive emotional environment at home throughout school.

  • Available computers and printer, to parents to use.
  • We offer different free Parent Workshops to empower parents on their personal and parenting journey.  Having parent-to-parent support makes them understand the stage their kids are going thru, knowing they are not the only ones on age related situations.
  • Parents are walk-in welcome to address any concern related to their student like absence, behavior, interpreting parent-teacher meetings, grades, or sometimes even family related issues that might affect their kids progress at school.
  • Parent Volunteer opportunities, SOH Staff thanks Parent Volunteers for all they do for our students and school. We appreciate their hard work and dedication! To become a parent volunteer at Southwest High School, please contact  or call (619) 628-3637, for more information.


Parent Center is located across the 200 building in Room 210. Open Monday-Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm


Student and Parent Handbook [link]

Manual de Estudiantes y Padres [link]

handbook for students and parents 2017-2018









Infinite Campus Grading and Support Documents

Infinite Campus Green Screen Portal login in English (PDF)

Downloading the phone application (iPhone and Android): Click here.

Documentos de evaluación y soporte de Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus Green Screen Portal Log in español (PDF)

Descargar la aplicación del teléfono (iPhone y Android): haga clic aguí.