AP Exam Updates

AP Exam Updates

New AP Exam Schedule

Please be aware of the following updates from the College Board regarding AP Exams:

Traditional face-to-face exam administration has been CANCELED.

-Testing will be ONLINE through a 45 minute free-response exam at home.
-This new exam will only include content covered up until March.
-This is completely supported by colleges and they committed to granting students with the appropriate credits pending AP Scores.
-Students will be able to take this new online exam on any device they have access to.
-College Board will provide accommodations to low income students who lack the necessary tools to complete the exam or reviews online. Use this link to contact the College Board 
-College Board is offering free AP Review Classes beginning Wed., March 25th. Use this link to access the live classes.
-There will be 2 testing dates available for each exam. Students get to choose when to test. Full exam schedule to be released by April 3rd.
-Continue to use AP Classroom for review and up to date subject material. Free-response practice questions for the exam will be provided here.

Finally, starting April 3rd, the College Board is offering to waive the cancellation fee if students choose to cancel their exam/s.


Updated 4/13/2020



Academic and Extra-Curricular events cancelled

All Southwest High academic and extra-curricular  events are CANCELLED through Friday April 3rd, 2020.

This includes VAPA performances, field trips, assemblies, NMSI events, robotics events, professional development events, and large group parent meetings.

At the site level, we have cancelled the following events:

  • Breaking Down the Barriers event scheduled for Friday
  • Dance Concerts in the Theatre
  • Spring Sports Assembly next Friday
  • MEChA Coffee House next Thursday
  • Robotics event this weekend
  • All field trips

We will continually update this site to keep you informed of any changes.


Student Registration

CURRENT Southwest High School students and parents, families can start doing ON-LINE Residency Clearance as long as you have your Infinite Campus Username and Password starting on March 16 – May 5. Any NEW registrations (new students to Southwest High School) will have to wait until further information is provided by the school. Thank you.

Familias que tienen alumnos que ya estan inscritos este año, pueden iniciar la verificacion de residencia en linea (ON-LINE) si sabe su nombre de usuario y contraseña iniciando el 16 de Marzo – 5 de Mayo. NUEVAS registraciones van a tener que esperar hasta que demos mas informacion. Gracias.


Infinite Campus green screen login information for parents (Spanish PDF) (English PDF)


Información sobre El Censo

Mensaje sobre El Censo para Padres [PDF]

Información sobre El Censo 2020 [PDF]

Census Reminder Card (español) [PDF]

Censo 101: Lo Que Necesita Saber [PDF]

Preguntas más frecuentes sobre El Censo [PDF]

Hoja de datos de la Colaboración: Escuelas [PDF]

Census and Young Children [PDF]