Virtual After School Program Summer Schedule

Virtual After School Program Summer Schedule
Class Code
Days & Times
History Tutoring
June 12

June 16, 18

June 22, 24, 26
Math Tutoring
June 12

June 16, 18

June 22, 24, 26
English Tutoring
June 11,

June 15, 17, 19

June 23, 25
Science Tutoring
June 12

June 16, 18

June 22, 24, 26
Raiders Den
Monday – Friday
9:00am – 10am
12:30pm – 2:30
Tuesday & Friday
1pm – 2pm
Drivers Ed
Monday – Friday
session 1 10am-12pm
session 2 12:30pm – 2pm
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
11:30am -12:30pm

Southwest High After School Program (Google Sites)


SOH Collection and Distribution Calendar

Please see our calendar for upcoming collection dates of books, laptops, sports equipment etc.

The calendar also includes dates for distribution of yearbooks, Senior clearances etc.



Southwest High School Collection and Distribution Calendar (PDF)

Updated on 5/29/2020


A message from your library

A message to all Raiders:

The dates for collecting textbooks and library books are the following:

There have been changes to the distribution calendar. Please look at the Calendar for the most up to date information.

Distribution Calendar (PDF)

Please fill out this form before turning them in and  take a picture of the cover (to include the barcode)

Form address:    https://bit.ly/booksSOH  (you can fill it out more than once if you have more than 6 books out)

Some Frequently asked questions :

Why am I getting a notice if I already turned in my books?

The books will be in quarantine for the summer and we will scan them at the start of the year. If you are getting a notice and already turned in your books please disregard it. That’s just the system that can’t tell you’ve been here already.

I lost a book and need to make a payment. Can I pay for it the day I return my other books?

Seniors are asked to come in and pay for any lost books on June 1st. If you are an underclassment you can pay when we return.

We are sorry for any confusion. This was recently decided at the District level.

Why does the notice say the books are lost or overdue if I have them here at home?

The system can’t send out a notice unless we tell it its outstanding. We absolutely know you have the books at home and just need an opportunity to return them. Please don’t worry about that “lost” term.

Is it safe? how can I turn in the books with a virus going around?

We are collecting outside and you can turn them in from your car. We will have face masks on and we ask that you do too.

I left my books in my teachers classroom how do I get them back to the library?

If you have books in classrooms please make arrangements with your teachers to get those books returned to us.

Stay healthy and safe Raiders!

Your Library