Class of 2022 – Spring Checklist

 Meet with Counselor to review credits and select senior courses. Review course selections with parents and teachers. Ensure you are challenging yourself!- Create a strong senior schedule
 Optional: ACT or SAT – begin to study and preparing to take them if they become available next school year.
 Maintain Grades, Continue to work on Community service hours if you are 4 year bound
 Study and Take any AP Exams in schedule (May/June)
 See Counselor for any necessary paperwork for summer school
 Athletes request official transcripts to be submitted to NCAA eligi-bility center
 Begin college search, Take virtual tours of schools, attend virtual college fairs
 Research and Compose list of at least 5 Universities you will apply to in the fall
 Begin first drafts of personal essays/ UC Insight questions
 Begin draft of brag sheets/ resume to use for college applications
 Make a Financial Aid Plan– Discuss with family & counselor
 For Vocational/ Military: Make initial contact for information

Compact for Success Requirements Class of 2022:

*Pending Verification Due to Pandemic

  • Maintain continuous enrollment in SUHSD from 9-12 grade
  • Demonstrate College Readiness in English*
  • Demonstrate College Readiness in Math*
  • Complete A-G requirements by the end of senior year with grades of C or higher
  • Attain a 3.20 CSU GPA at the time of application and maintain through senior year
  • Meet all SDSU admission/enrollment deadlines
  • No grades of D or F in any course senior year

***For attendance at a CSU, it is important to be deemed “Ready” for College Level English and Math. (See Below) Completion of any one of the following avenues in each category, will satisfy the College Readiness requirement:

Ready for College Level English:

  • Earn a B grade or higher in both semesters of AP English Lit, AP English Language or CSU Expository Reading & Writing
  • SAT EBRW = 550 or higher
  • ACT English = 22 or higher
  • AP English Language or Literature Exam = 3 or higher
  • Completion of transferrable English Composition college course (100 level or higher) with a grade of C or higher

Ready for College Level Math :

  • Earn a B grade or higher in both semesters of AP Statistics, AP Calculus, Discrete Math, Pre-Calculus or Pre-Calculus HN
  • SAT Math = 570 or higher
  • ACT Math = 23 or higher
  • AP Calculus (AB or BC) or AP Stats Exam = 3 or higher
  • College Board Math Subject Tests: 570 or higher
  • Level 1 or 2 college level Math course (Intermediate algebra level or higher) – completed with a grade of C or higher

All CSU applicants will be considered for a fee waiver when completing the application. Eligibility is based upon annual gross income and family size. If eligible, you may apply to four CSUs for no cost. The cost is $70 per application if not eligible.

College Fairs & Search Websites


  • Mar. 21: 1-7 p.m. ET
  • Apr. 10: 3-7 p.m. ET – Western US
  • May 2: 1-7 p.m. ET


  • Tuesday, March 30, 5:00-9:00 PM ET / 2:00-6:00 PM PT

College Search Websites:

Create profiles at the following websites for more personalized col-lege searches based on your interests, location preferences and majors.

College Athlete Applicants

Athletes that will be playing sports in college must register with NCAA to play Division I and II sports.

Register and complete all forms online at : http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future

SAT & ACT Information

Currently UC Schools are test optional. Due to the pandemic, there are limited test centers open. Please check websites, as things change monthly. We are still waiting on information from CSU’s and other private schools regarding test admission requirements

*If test centers near us become available, here are the websites for registering:

Students who are part of the free lunch program at school, qualify for TWO SAT Fee waivers and TWO ACT fee waivers!!! Contact your counselor before the registration deadline for a fee waiver. You MUST use your first fee waiver, in order to receive any additional waivers. With the SAT Fee waiver you may also send 4 score reports to universities for free.
Use SAT code 3594 to send scores to all CSU Campuses

More Post Secondary Resources


Scholarships are free money for college that do not need to be repaid. There are thousands of scholarship opportunities available for all students. The 2020-2021 Scholarship List is now available online!


Want more? Register on various search engines that will send you customized scholarships that you may apply to based on your personal profile. Here are a few that we recommend:

For assistance or more information, contact our Scholarship Counselor:

Brenda Gonzalez – brenda.gonzalez@sweetwaterschools.org

Career Interest Information

All Students can log in to this site with their Sweetwater Union High School District Google account

California Career Zone
Career Finder– College board & Roadtrip Nation
My plan
Career One Stop
O*NET Online
Vocational Information California Apprenticeships
My Workforce Connection
Trade Schools


And Finally, visit our


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