Career Pathways

Eco-Engineering Academy

The CPA Eco-Engineering Academy Program offers students from all grade levels (9th to 12th) the opportunity to be exposed to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum through project based learning. The Career Technical Education (CTE) courses that are offered consist of Principles of Engineering (POE), Introduction to Design (ID), Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA), and Engineering Research and Development; in addition, academic courses such as Science, English, and Social Science are included as part of the Academy program. All these courses emphasize clean technologies and renewable energy concepts. POE and ID are articulated with San Diego City Community College (SDCCC) Courses: MFET 101 Intro to Engineering Technology and MFET 105 Print Reading and Symbology, respectively. Engineering Design is the industrial sector that is related to the academy.

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