Halloween Costume Guidelines


Students may wear Halloween costumes to school on Friday, October 29th, 2021. All costumes must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Dress Guidelines Enforced
    • Tops must cover chest, abdomen, and back
    • Shorts/bottoms completely cover back side/buttocks
    • Undergarments are not visible (directly or indirectly)
    • Apparel does not disparage or marginalize any group (culture, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc.)
    • Apparel does not promote any mention of violence, drugs, alcohol, profanity, sexual references, or gangs
    • Apparel does not promote any affiliation (by color, by symbol, by sports team, etc.) with gangs or “tagging crews”Appropriate shoes must be worn
  • You must be able to sit, walk, breathe, see and hear! (*No masks that cover the whole face)
  • No pretend “prop” weapons such as water pistols, knives or swords, etc. or objects/elements that represent violence
  • All school rules will be enforced (i.e., no bikes or skateboards, etc.)
  • Costumes may not mock a community of people based on culture, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or disability in any negative way.

If you’re unsure about the appropriateness of your costume, please contact any administrator. Students who wear costumes that don’t conform to the costume guidelines above will be given loaner clothing and call parent/guardian.


Community WASC Meeting

WASC  Community Interview

(Western Association of Schools and Colleges)

Sunday, October 24, 2021 at 3:00 pm

The WASC process is a validation for the school’s existing programs and provides opportunities to improve student achievement via data and dialogue.

The goal of the WASC process is to improve learning for all students, your participation and input is very valuable.

Please register using the QR Code or the link below.

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Register Here / Registrarse Aqui


WASC y comunidad de SOH

(Asociación Occidental de Escuelas y Universidades)

Domingo, 24 de Octubre, 2021

El proceso WASC es una validación para los programas existentes de la escuela y brinda oportunidades para mejorar el rendimiento de los estudiantes a través de análisis de datos y el diálogo.

El objetivo del proceso WASC es mejorar el aprendizaje de todos los estudiantes, su participación y opiniones son muy valiosos para este proceso de evaluación de nuestra escuela.

Favor de usar el código QR o el enlace para registrarse.


Senior Portrait News

Congratulations Class of 2022

We are excited to be partnering with Southwest High School to celebrate the achievements of this year’s upcoming senior class. As the official photography partner, we have designed personalized photography sessions to capture all your achievements.

Click Here for Details

Felicitaciones Clase de 2022

Estamos muy contentos de asociarnos con Southwest High School para celebrar los logros de la próxima clase de último año de este año. Como socio oficial de fotografía, hemos diseñado sesiones fotográficas personalizadas para capturar todos sus logros.
Adjunto encontrará un folleto de sesión y un encarte que lo ayudará a prepararse para su próxima sesión.