Parent Progress Report Meeting

Parent Progress Report Meeting

Pick up your child’s grades!

Date: Friday, September 6th at 9:45 am

Location: SOH’s Cafeteria

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 School Site Council (SSC) Parent Representatives:

  • Mr. Jose Villegas
  • Ms. Rebecca Carson
  • Ms. Mariel Origel

Next SSC Meeting is on September 17th at 2:45 pm.

Cast your vote for Parent Representative at DPAC( District Parent Advisory Committee)

September 6th during the Parent Progress Report Meeting

Parent Candidates:

Ms. Latysha Dupree: To become an asset to SOH

Ms. Florentina Garcia: Me gustaría estar envuelta en la educación de mi hijo y ayudar en lo que la escuela necesite con mucho gusto y gracias si me dan la oportunidad.(I would like to be involved in my son’s education and gladly help the school with whatever is needed. Thank you if you give me the opportunity.)

Ms. Blanca Wines: Greetings SOH parents, I’m a parent of a 11th, 10th and 9th student at SOH, I’d like to run for DPAC representative for our school.

I’ve served as a Historian, Vice President, and President of my children’s PTA.  I also helped create a Classroom Parent Ambassador Program that included specific duties such as: communicating and leading parents in  their classroom celebrations (Teachers birthdays, teacher appreciation week, end of the year parties), organized volunteers, fundraising and class donations. I also helped  in creating and organizing my children’s  school Jog-a-thon for the past four years. The Jog-a-thon was a very large event I planned with the help of other parents that helped raise lots of money for the school. Last year I participated in Southwest Middle School SSC, DPAC, and Delac committees. I believe it takes a village to raise and educate our children, therefore, volunteering is one of the many ways we as parents could help with our children’s education.