Information for Parents

PARENTS, your student’s academic success is directly related to your involvement in his or her education and communication with our staff. By working together, we can provide the best possible educational experience for your son or daughter. The following are some of the opportunities for you to be on campus by attending :

Parent representative  for School Site Council (SSC)-

Parent representative for English Language Advisory Committee(ELAC)

Parent representative for District Parent Advisory Committee(DPAC)

Attend Parent Progress Report Meetings

Attend Grade level Meetings

Attend awards assemblies

Attend athletic events

Schedule whenever needed, conference with teacher(s)

Schedule whenever needed, conference with counselor

Schedule whenever needed, conference with Coordinator of Integrated Services(CIS)


AP testing begins May 1

AP testing begins Monday May 1, 2017.  Please make sure you do not bring anything with you to the testing room.  You will only need an ID card and any approved materials you need for your test.  Specific info can be found on this document.  Take a few minutes to peruse the information provided [link].  Any questions about AP testing can be directed to Mr. Bonilla.  Thank you.