SOH Collection and Distribution Calendar

Please see our calendar for upcoming collection dates of books, laptops, sports equipment etc.

The calendar also includes dates for distribution of yearbooks, Senior clearances etc.



Southwest High School Collection and Distribution Calendar (PDF)


Senior Textbook and Library book Drop off

SENIOR Textbook and Library book return is Scheduled for:

  • Friday, May 22nd from 9am to 12pm
  • Tuesday, May 26th from 9am to 12pm

Please fill out this form with the books you will be returning for quicker drop off.

We recommend you fill it out before heading out to return your books. Otherwise we will ask you to fill it out on your phone at school and the process will take longer.

Form: https://bit.ly/booksSOH

We will be following social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe. Please  click on the image below to see the planned collection route.

Planned Textbook and Library book collection route (PDF)

We will have information for 9th, 10th and 11th grade textbook/library book collection later.



Coffee With the Principal

Dear SOH Parents and Guardians, please join us to our upcoming Coffee with the Principal Zoom meeting on May 21, 2020. Mr. Montano will hold a Spanish meeting at 11:00 am, and a second English meeting at 1:00pm. We encourage you to reconnect with Mr. Montano and his team to receive important information and school updates. Below please find the Zoom Meeting ID and Password.


English Meeting ID:  753 9721 3524   Password: SOH

Click here for Coffee with the Principal

Estimados padres de familia y tutores de SOH, únanse a nuestra próxima reunión virtual de Café con el Director por Zoom el 21 de mayo de 2020. El Sr. Montano realizará una reunión en español a las 11:00 am. y una segunda reunión en inglés a la 1:00 pm. Los alentamos a que se conecte en línea con el Sr. Montano y su equipo para recibir información importante y actualizaciones escolares. A continuación, le proporcionamos el número y la contraseña para la junta por Zoom.

ID de la reunión en Español:  783 0121 2035   Contraseña: SOH

Haga Click aquí para Café con el Director


Registration for year 20-21 — Inscripciones para el 2020-2021

School Registration for 2020-2021

Registrations for 2020-2021/Inscripciones para el 2020-2021

Register Now 2 GIF






Infinite Campus Parent Portal (website)

You will need the form that was delivered to your address by mail that provides you with an ACTIVATION KEY/GUID/PARENT USERNAME to enter the program INFINITE CAMPUS Portal.

Va a necesitar la hoja que se le mandó por correo a su domicilio que tiene su NUMERO de ACTIVACION /GUID/ NOMBRE DE USUARIO para entrar al Portal de INFINITE CAMPUS.

** RETURNING students to SOH/Alumnos que REGRESAN a SOH.

**NEW Registrations /New students to SOH / Nuevas Inscripciones /Nuevos alumnos a SOH

Want to attend SOH and need a transfer?

Need your Activation Key / GUID/ Parent Username? Necesita su Numero de Activacion / GUID/ Nombre de Usuario? Fill out /favor de llenar:

 SOH Assistance Form / Solicitud de Asistencia  

or email Talia.brosz@sweetwaterschools.org


Senior Survey

The Senior Survey is administered through Illuminate and has already been assigned to all seniors and will be available today May 7th   through June 5th.

Students can access the Senior Survey at https://sweetwaterschools.illuminatehc.com/login

Username: Student ID NUMBER (XXXXXXX)

Password: DOB (MM/DD/YR) (04022001)

Once they login,  choose TAKE ASSESSMENT.


Students then choose 19-20_Senior_Survey under assessments.


Graduation and Cap and Gown information

● The district has received feedback from the surveys sent to Seniors and their families and will be working on a plan for a Graduation Ceremony later in the school year.  With this in mind, please refer to the information regarding Cap & Gowns that was sent to Seniors and their parents/guardians in the ASB Office Memo sent the week of April 20th. The information is included below.
Cap and Gown Orders
● An important reminder that Loaner Cap and Gown units have been cancelled.  Due to COVID-19, the sites and/or vendors cannot take back any used cap and gowns.
● All Seniors who submitted a request for a Loaner Cap & Gown unit must
now purchase the unit (cap, gown, tassel) if they want it for pictures, as a
keepsake, and/or as part of the Graduation process/procedure/ceremony that will be determined by the district.
● Please place your orders by May 10th (new date extension) to guarantee on-time arrival and delivery.
● DIRECT LINK FOR Southwest High School ORDERING (Website will remain open):
● All inquiries and questions from Class of 2020 Graduates and/or their
families can be directed directly to SoCal Recognition at
Support@SoCalRecognition.com , office number (760) 798-0202.
● We will provide information on the procedure for cap and gown pick up in
a later memorandum.

Teacher Appreciation Day Message

A message from our ASB President:

Hello Raiders and Raider Families,
As some of you may know, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. We would like to extend our initiative to receive messages for teachers through Friday so that we can send messages to our teachers all week long as we  continue to celebrate them and thank them for all they do. 
Attached to this message you will find a Google Form where you can send in any positive messages for our SOH Teachers. Messages may remain anonymous, though this is up to the discretion of every individual. Please refrain from submitting any negative comments, let’s keep things positive! 
We hope that this message finds you well, and that you and your families are continuing to take care. 
Yours truly,
Jacob Ayala
SOH ASB President