ASB Update: Weeks 10-12

ASB Update – Week Ten thru Twelve (September 24th – October 13th, 2018)

Hello SOH Staff,
Important Dates and Upcoming Events from our ASB Office:
Spirit Day Fridays: Thank you to ALL those staff members wearing our school colors and gear on Fridays!

Fall Sports Staff Supervision: Fall Break Supervision – A friendly reminder to please report to your athletic supervision assignments over the break – we appreciate your support. Please continue to sign up for fall sports supervision needs. We appreciate your support. 2018 Fall Sports Teacher Supervision. Teachers, we appreciate your support in reporting to your assignments on time.

Next ICC Meeting, October 16th: Our next ICC meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 16th, after school in room 1105.

  • Club Advisors can check the status of their club and all ICC-approved fundraisers via the following link: SOH Clubs and ICC Activity 2018 – 2019
  • At this meeting, we will be taking applications for our October 31st, Halloween Food Faire, and our Homecoming Football Game.
  • We will also be approving any general club/program-related fundraisers you may need.
  • Please remember that all documentation must be submitted at the ICC meeting for approval: 1) Fundraiser/Activity Application, 2.) Meeting Minutes showing student approval, 3.) Student Sign-In Sheet, 4.) and Voluntary Participation Form. In addition, all prior fundraising Revenue Reconciliations and Money Deposits must be submitted and on file prior to additional fundraising approvals.

Athletics Sports Factor: Come out and support our athletic programs over the break…Sports Factors will be emailed to staff separately each week until we return from the break.
Spirit Weeks: Thank you to all of those staff members who participated and to those who encourage their students to participate! After receiving feedback from our student body, the ASB has coordinated a new approach to Spirit Weeks so that the ideas of others are more inclusive. The ASB will share the theme for the week with Class Advisors and students via KSOH and then students will be invited to meet with their class advisors to record ideas for Spirit Weeks. The ASB will select an idea from each class to formulate our Spirit Weeks as follows:

  • Mondays: We will select a Spirit Day idea from the Senior Class.
  • Tuesdays: We will select a Spirit Day idea from the Junior Class.
  • Wednesdays: We will select a Spirit Day idea from the Sophomore Class.
  • Thursdays: We will select a Spirit Day idea from the Freshmen Class.
  • Fridays: School Colors, School Gear!!!

MEChA Assembly, Friday, October 12th, 4th Period: MEChA will be hosting their annual assembly the Friday we return from break. Sign-ups have started.

Unified Sports Flag Football Game vs. Bonita Vista High School, Finalized Date: October 16th: Our SOH Special Education Department and SUHSD Unified Sports Program will be hosting a flag football game on Oct. 16th during 4th period. This is a great opportunity for our SPED students to work in partnership with student-athletes of all backgrounds. Several student leadership groups and student-athletes will be participating in the event in support of our team. Mrs. Rodriguez has sent out an email to record names of those teachers wanting to bring their classes. Feel free to email her for more information.

Homecoming Court 2018: Homecoming season is here! Congratulations to our Grand Marshal and all of our top 5 King and Queen candidates.

Grand Marshal – Ms. Renata Bush

Top 5 Queen Candidates:

  • Flor Aguirre
  • Karen Estrada
  • Tamara Magana
  • Jocelyn Nava
  • Alyna Valencia

Top 5 King Candidates:

  • Jorge Castillo
  • Dominic Escobar
  • Esteban Magana
  • Alexis Marroquin
  • Ricardo Romero

Wednesday, October 10th: Campaigning begins. I will be meeting with all candidates on Monday, September 24th, to review all Rules and Regulations for campaigning. More to follow…

Homecoming Week: Homecoming Week takes place from Monday, October 22nd through
Friday, October 26th:

  • Monday: Formal Assembly introducing our 5 Homecoming King and Queen Candidates
  • Monday – Friday: Candidates participate in daily lunchtime activities in the quad, speeches air on KSOH, campaigning continues
  • Wednesday and Thursday: School-wide voting takes place (process TBD…more to follow)
  • Friday: Semiformal Spirit Assembly, Homecoming King Announced*

Football Game: Friday, 7pm versus Montgomery. Homecoming Queen Announced* @ halftime. *ASB students have requested trying a new approach and announcing the King and Queen at halftime…we will work out the logistics over the break and keep you posted. Homecoming Dance, October 27th, 2018!!! New, reduced ticket price!!! We were able to work with the venue owners for a reduced cost so that we can offer a lower ticket price for our students at SOH. Our early bird special, ticket sale price is ONLY $35 before Fall Break. ASB will also be here on Monday, Sept. 24th and Tuesday, Sept. 25th, 10am – 2pm, for ticket sales. Returning from the break, tickets will be $45 a person – still an awesome DEAL! We will be hosting our Homecoming Dance on Saturday, October 27th, from 7pm – 11pm, in the Seaside Ballroom at Marina Village. The room is beautiful! The dance floor overlooks the marina and the room offers an outside deck and upstairs balcony lounge area for students. Please help us encourage students to attend. Tickets are $35/person before Fall Break and $45/person coming back from Fall Break.

Fall Break begins Monday, September 24th: Enjoy a well-deserved break! Rest, rejuvenate and be safe!

Staff return on Monday, October 8th – Please see email from Mr. Villanueva regarding PD dates and times.

Students return on Wednesday, October 10th

Once again, thank you for all you do! Have a great break!
*please notify me if there are any errors or questions
Thank you,
Patricia E. Pérez
Assistant Principal of Student Activities