ASB Update- Week 6

ASB Update – Week Six (August 27- 31, 2018)

Hello SOH Staff,
Important Dates and Upcoming Events from our ASB Office:

Thank you to ALL those staff members wearing our school colors and gear on Fridays!

Fall Sports Staff Supervision: Please continue to sign up for fall sports supervision needs. We appreciate your support. 2018 Fall Sports Teacher Supervision

Next ICC Meeting, August 28th: Our next ICC meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 28th after school in room 1105. Please see the memo attached outlining all future ICC meetings and the documentation required at each meeting for fundraising approval. At this meeting we will be taking applications for Open House on Thursday, Sept. 13th. We will also be approving any general club/program-related fundraisers you may need. Please remember that all documentation must be submitted at the ICC meeting for approval: 1) Fundraiser/Activity Application, 2.) Meeting Minutes showing student approval, 3.) Student Sign-In Sheet, 4.) and Voluntary Participation Form.

Club and Food Faire: Thank you to all of those programs that came out to support this event!

Make-Up Picture Day, August 28th: Students absent during picture days will receive a call slip to report to the Cafeteria to take their picture on Tuesday, August 28th. We have about 400 students in need of taking their picture. We will be sending passes throughout the day for students to report to the cafeteria. We appreciate your support in ensuring that all students at SOH have a current picture ID. Please send students for their pictures upon receiving their pass. We are doing our best to separate the total number of students equally per period to ensure they have enough time to get their picture taken (we only have one camera set up this time around).

Athletics Sports Factor: Thank you for all the positive feedback! If you see Ricardo Romero let him know! Ricardo is currently working on completing next week’s Sports Factor and I will be sending that out to you soon. Please come out and support our teams!

9th and 10th Grade Class Officer Applications and Elections: We are currently seeking Freshmen and Sophomores interested in serving as Class Officers. Campaigning takes place August 27th – 29th. Voting will take place in the quad during lunch on August 30th and 31st. If you know of any great potential candidates, please send them our way – we will still take them!!!

Principal Transition: As we prepare for the official arrival of our new Principal, Mr. Villanueva, on Tuesday, Sept. 4th, we would like to take the time to thank Dr. Salazar and Mr. DeVore for their commitment and enthusiasm in supporting our efforts these first few weeks of school. Thank you!

Grade Level Assemblies: For your planning purposes, we would like to inform you that we have scheduled Grade Level Assemblies to take place on Thursday, Sept. 6th, so that we may introduce our new principal, Mr. Villanueva, to our student body. Mr. Villanueva and the admin team will also take this opportunity to review goals and expectations for the remainder of the year.
Please have students meet you in class for attendance purposes and then escort students to the gymnasium at the start of each period as follows:

  • Seniors = 2nd period
  • Juniors = 3rd period
  • Sophomores = 4th period
  • Freshmen = 5th period

If you are a teacher with a mixed grade level class in any given period, please remain in class with those students not assigned to the grade level assembly. Please send those students assigned to the grade level assembly to the gymnasium.

SOH Raider Staff/Family Appreciation Night, Friday, Sept. 7th: We would like to invite all staff members to join us for the Varsity Football Game on Friday, Sept. 7th. Staff and their family members receive free admission. Mr. Villanueva will join us for his first official Varsity Football Game as our SOH Principal. Mr. DeVore will also be in attendance and has graciously offered to sponsor hot dogs for staff members before the game – come mingle with us! Varsity players will also be reaching out to staff members to represent them in the stands by wearing their jerseys. -See you there!

Homecoming Committee and Pep Club Advisor: We are still looking for staff members who are interested in serving on our Homecoming Committee and  a staff member willing to serve as our Pep Club Advisor. Please email me if you are interested. We appreciate your support!

Once again, thank you for all you do! Have a great weekend!

*please notify me if there are any errors or questions

Thank you,
Patricia E. Pérez
Assistant Principal of Student Activities