AP Students

AP Exam Information and Deadlines

  • Feb 15: $5 deposit due to the ASB for each AP exam you plan on taking.
  • Mar 16: Total fees due to the ASB. $89 additional per test if you do not qualify for free/reduced lunch.
  • Apr 10: Pre-Registration for last names A-M in cafeteria.
  • Apr 11: Pre-Registration for last names N-Z in cafeteria.
  • May 7-18 AP Testing
  • July: Check AP Scores on line

Test dates, subject and times:

Monday, May 7: 8am Chemistry and 8am Spanish Literature

Tuesday, May 8: 8am Spanish Language and 12pm Physics One

Wednesday, May 9: 8am English Lit

Thursday, May 10: 8am US Government and 12pm Environmental Science

Friday, May 11: 8am US History and 12pm Computer Science Principals

Monday, May 14: 8am Biology

Tuesday, May 15: 8am Calculus AB/BC

Wednesday, May 16: 8am English Lang. and 12pm MacroEconomics

Thursday, May 17: 8am World History and 12pm Statistics

Friday, May 18: 8am MicroEconomics

Sweetwater / National Math and Science Initiative

NMSI College Readiness Program: Increasing student participation in STEM AP courses!

Sweetwater Union HSD is in the process of receiving a three year grant from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) to dramatically increase student access to rigorous AP courses in the areas of English, Math, Science, and Computer Science.



AP Summer 2017 Assignments

Students who are enrolled in an Advanced Placement course at Southwest High for the 2017-2018 school year are expected to complete the summer assignment for their course. The assignments are organized by course name. If you have questions regarding your assignment, you can contact the teacher with the information provided below.

If you need access to computers or a printer, you can use them on campus during the summer through the counseling center, front office or room 711.

* denotes teacher as primary contact for summer assignment questions

AP Biology: Mr. Buse*

Please read through the following ecology chapters and respond thoughtfully to each question. Packet 1, Packet 2, Packet 3

AP Calculus AB: Ms. Munchanitis*, Mr. Martha

Your CANVAS sign-in is your ID# and 8 digit birth date. No textbook needed.

AP Calculus BC: Ms. Munchanitis*

Your CANVAS sign-in is your ID# and 8 digit birth date. No textbook needed.

AP Chemistry: Mr. Davey*, Mr. Almeida-Ortiz

AP Computer Science A: Ms. Fernandez Lajin*

This course is designed for students with previous programming experience,  taken AP Computer Science Principles OR are in the engineering program to learn the Java programming language. If you are not sure which course you are enrolled in, please email me to verify.

AP Computer Science Principles: Ms. Fernandez Lajin*

This course is designed as a foundations programming course with social science connections.  It is learning to program 3D animation with the block based Alice programming language.  If you are not sure which course you are enrolled in, please email me to verify.

AP Economics: Mr. Thompson*

Read and take notes using Graphic organizer. Read Chapters 1 and 2. Also (on a separate sheet of paper), answer the following questions from the text.

Chap 1  pages 18-19  2,3,5,9,11

Chap 2 pages 38-39  1,2,9,

AP English Literature: Ms. Roncoroni*, Ms. Brittain*, Ms. Junak

AP English Language: Ms. Coady, Ms. Iribe*

AP Lang & Comp Bootcamp 2017* will be held on Tuesday, July 18 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Register online at  http://signup.com/go/vstiraA

AP Environmental Science: Ms. Neises*

Packet link and picture.

AP Government: Mr. Selland, Mr. Roncoroni*

AP Physics: Ms. Munchanitis

No assignment at this time.

AP Spanish Language: Ms. Sevilla*

All assignments are organized in this google drive folder.

AP Spanish Literature: Mr. Roncoroni*

AP Statistics: Ms. Waters*

Your CANVAS sign-in is your ID# and 8 digit birth date. No textbook needed.

AP U.S. History: Mr. Tompkins*, Ms. Gutierrez*, Mr. Crane

Summer School 1 and Summer School 2

Summer School 1 Instructions for packet : Please follow directions of worksheets provided. Review & locate the 50 states on map, review and locate the original thirteen colonies, know major economic activity for the 13 colonies, and locate on the map the Native American peoples requested. This will be the exact same test you will take on the second week of class.

Summer School 2 instructions: Please read, highlight, annotate (or take notes on a separate sheet of paper if you do not print reading) This reading covers the first 2 chapters of the textbook and relates to Summer School 1 packet. You will have a multiple choice test on this packet by the second week of classes.

AP World History: Mr. Rodriguez*, Mr. Medina-Villa

Assignment available as hard copy only. Please contact Mr. Rodriguez.

Student meeting for all enrolled in AP World will be held on Thursday, June 1 after school (12pm) in room 207.